Portsmouth Ferry


Finally we’re setting back off to Cycle our way around France. I want to savour the charm and customs of our European neighbour, Nic wants to get round without falling off.

100 yard update: Nic has fallen off, first kerb encountered and she has taken all the skin off one knee.

As we have started in West Moors, we are taking a route above the top road.
Note from Nic – Jack only ever travels 2 roads, there’s the ‘coast road’, and every other one is called ‘the top road’.
We pass a line of 8 Ferraris going through the New Forest, Chris Evans stops and says how much he enjoys my blog.
We cut back down to Totton through a horses underpass, and take the cycle path right into Southampton centre. Across the Woolston Ferry, and follow the Portsmouth Road.
We arrive 5 hours early and lock our bikes up where we can keep an eye on them from departure lounge, they are carrying all our worldly possessions.
A female member of security staff, 5′ 2″ blob of lard, waddles like a duck, face indiscriminate from her Arse, says we can’t leave bikes there unattended, we have to put them around the back, we lose faith in human nature.
We decide to ride into centre to kill some time, and stop in precinct, drunk comes up to us and says, ‘wouldn’t leave your bikes their mate, they’ll get nicked’. A cyclist stops to see if we need help, and on listening to our predicament, leads us 5 minutes to a Wetherspoon pub, where we can sit in window watching our bikes chained to racks just outside window. Our faith is restored, well at least us cyclists are all pretty decent people.