What a night

Bang, Flash, Smoke filling the tent, eyes watering, can’t breathe, can’t move, more bangs, someone coming in tent, more than one person.
Looking down the barrel of a gun.

I come round hands tied, legs tied a shaven headed man in full combat armour inches from my face. I hear Nic moan and look across, she is tied to a chair, sack over her head, can’t blame them for that first thing in the morning.
What are the USA navy seals doing in our tent, I start to ask

Shut up, Smacked hard around the face.
What do you know about Sembcorp Bournemouth
Cholderton and District
Dee Valley
Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig
United Utilities
I said nothing even though they were waterboarding me.

OK smartarse
I looked to see whether they’d taken my trousers off
We intercepted your electronic communication, something about her not pedalling drugs anymore and we found out about the arms
Pray tell
You’ve been hitting our German allies with Weapons of Mess Destruction.