Nic includes all our mileage, including shopping etc. and has recorded 820 miles this month.

Total April spend £746.36
Average daily £24.88

Accom £281.55 – 3 nights free
Food £249.36
Fuel £20.62
Laundry £22.36
Misc £53.04
Travel £84.00 – Train & Ferry
Bike £10.98
Phone £18.52
Bank £5.93 – Charges for withdrawing Euros

Jacks highlight; getting charged less than I expected at Bayeux campsite and seeing this on the receipt:

un adulte et un enfant de 13, plus

Nics highlight; The kindness of Monsieur et Madame Lebarier
( Although it would have been funnier if Jack had been arrested )


Nic says
‘It is sometimes so disheartening when I am putting everything into climbing a long steep hill, and I look up to see Jack sitting back with one hand on his handlebars and taking photos with the other, and he’s still pulling away from me’.

Jack says
‘I can not help my natural physical prowess, she just needs to try a little harder’.