Toulouse to St Martin Lalande


We left Toulouse this morning, it’s difficult not breathing in through your nose for so long. Officially starting the Canal de Midi we soon come across a young pair pushing a Tandem. As they are girls, I come across all chivalrous and enquire as to whether they need any assistance. I obviously look perplexed by their French replies and so one of them pats her bottom, maybe we should find a quiet spot and I’ll help out all I can.
It turns out they are to spend a week cycling the canal, hopefully 20 miles a day, but have already succumbed to what has been afflicting cyclists ever since cavemen first rode a bike, the dreaded Cyclosaurass. I’m lucky and am immediately comfortable on a Brooks leather saddle, I got this one second hand – it had already been on the backside of a cow, it has formed 3 dimples, 2 for my sit bones and another where I dress to the right. Nic uses a Terry’s saddle they are specifically designed for women, by women, or in other words bloody useless, none of this is any help to the girls on their foot wide gel saddles with cushioned covers. Sorry girls can’t help with a chaffed chuff, good luck with pushing your bike for the next 100 miles.
Disaster strikes at lunch time, we go to get our food out and find the lid has come off the chocolate spread, it was all over the inside of a pannier.

Miles so far 1740