No more hills

20121122-175718.jpgThe picture above was taken in Portomarin, during the 1970′s they wanted to build a dam across the Mino river. This could have flooded the village dating from Roman times drowning thousands of inhabitants, but instead they painstakingly rebuilt the whole thing brick by brick up on the hill, opportunity missed.

The Spanish say it’s flat all the way from here. Now I don’t know much of the lingo Gringo, but by ‘flat’ you must mean
a) less than 50% is uphill
b) there are so many mountains around here anything under 500 metres is ‘flat’
or c) you’re all bloody liars
Our first day on the level we have climbed the Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and gone upstairs on a double decker bus, only to then fall off the top of Cairn Gorm.20121122-193142.jpgA 15.2% gradient is a bit of a tinker at the best of times, so to make things easier they have covered this one in an uneven cobble. I was raining by the time I reached the top, whereas Nic took the whole thing in her stride.20121122-175759.jpgWhat do you call a Spanish Fireman streaker? Señor Willy.
Get your clothes back on Jose

Louise is distraught again, Stuart arrived home drunk without the Mini.20121122-184853.jpgWhat did you expect for €5?20121123-154207.jpg

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