Getting nervous

20121124-203257.jpgWe are on our penultimate days ride into Santiago and I think they heard we’re coming. First they sent out a Garrison of Soldiers to stop us crossing the river, so we had to swim across with our bikes on our backs and creep round behind them.20121124-200459.jpgWhen they realised we had them fooled they tried the heavy artillery, and that made Nic mad.20121124-200648.jpgThen there was this fellow20121124-202154.jpgStop the Pilgrim
Stop the Pilgrim
Stop the Pilgrim
Stop the Pilgrim

Nab him
Jab him
Tab him
Grab him
Stop that Pilgrim now!

Did you see her?, yes I saw the little lost soul sitting on a bridge over the motorway junction. She must have been fishing, boots up to her thighs and skirt hitched right up so it didn’t get wet. Another difference in Spain is that when you try and hitch a lift from the passing lorries, whereas we lift one thumb she was flashing all ten fingers up at them, hope they didn’t get the wrong idea.

Finally we managed to get to the Hostel where we met a young Gentleman from Alaska. He had been showing his Grand-daughter pictures of his previous Camino which he walked to celebrate his retirement in 1985, the young whippersnapper had suggested he was too old for things like that anymore, so he booked a flight the following day, and will complete nearly 3 months of walking, just as soon as he’s ready.
He told us the Alaskans have a saying:
Come and visit, but don’t stay. I told him ours was similar, don’t fucking bother I’m out.20121124-210327.jpg

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