The Big One

20121121-145423.jpgThe old man told us it had snowed overnight on Mount O’Cebreiro, by now we have done numerous climbs taking more than 1/2 an hour, a handful taking up to 2 hours but this started low and the 4500ft was to take us over 4 hours, no downhill or even occasional flat, just different gradients of up all the way, but of course it would be worth it for the magnificent views at the top. Bollocks, I’d rather chew my own nuts off. But its part of the journey so we’re doing it.
It’s frighteningly cold again, so we don’t stop all the way, Bradley has already conceded next years tour because of the hills, Wiggo Man Up, Nics got better Sideburns than you.
My thighs were made for today, as they have a few millimetres on Nics, but she doesn’t stop once and as promised the last few miles we we’re treated to the white stuff. Which meant we couldn’t see a bloody thing from the top, but at least now I’ve got snowballs to go with my icepop.20121121-151213.jpgThankfully the downhill is gradual, the wide road curves gently, and we are able to record a new world record speed of over 45mph before doing the funky chicken on our breaks. We are in good spirits coasting to our next destination when we see a Pilgrim shell adorned with the St Georges flag. It is on the backpack of a man doubled up and leaning on his stick, time for a few kind words of encouragement. ‘Get a move on mate, only 200 miles to go!’
IT’S A MIRACLE, this man crippled just a second ago, has not just straightened up but is running behind our bikes, trying to confirm through frantic hand communication that it was definitely 2 hundred left to go.